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Prescriptive orthotics are orthotics made to correct individual

foot problems.  The physical Therapy and Health Center

works in cooperation with Adam's 3 D orthotics.

Adam uses 3 D technology to build the most advanced orthotics 

in Israel.
What are the purpose of orthotics?
They are prescriptive inserts that correct our foot posture.

Correcting foot posture can help relieve foot, knee and back pain.
In Israel and throughout the world there are many ways to build an orthotic.
3 D technology is one of the more exact ways.

Most people who have had past experience with orthotics are familiar with orthotics made by  "casting".
The "casting" method provides a model of the foot by which the orthotist then manually creates the orthotic.

The more efficient and exact technique of creating an orthotic is via 3D
printing technology.
This technology is based on scanning the foot imprint .

He then uses a 3D printer to print out a precise othotic.

The orthotics produced are extremely precise.
Refer to the following "YouTube" video to see how the

orthotic is actuallyprodvced. 

Problems solved through orthotic inserts:

  • Heel spurs

  • Fallen arches 

  • Stress fractures

  • Growing pains (Osgood - Schlatters, Severs)

  • Foot pain

  • Post surgical procedures (Bunyons, hammer toes, etc)

  • Fractures

      How our orthotics are made

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